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page4-img1Is the Psychological Health and Safety of your workplace important to you?  ICS™ offers Primary Preventative Care to businesses (3 – 50 employees) for unparallel support in counselling/coaching for employees and their family members.

In a world of ever increasing complexity and stress, especially in the workplace, employee counselling is the latest HR tool for attracting and retaining the best employees and increasing the quality of the workforce. Employees are drawn to and remain with companies they feel are concerned about their well-being.

ICS™ offers companies a custom-tailored and affordable counselling/coaching benefit package that could make a big difference to you and your employees. Engaging ICS™ as your company’s personal counsellor/coach provides you and your employees with an affordable, consistent, and practical support resource available when you need it. With ICS™ you can be confident you have a system in place to support you and your employees to better manage stress, personal issues and work related difficulties.

Let’s face it, stress can make people brainless. When emotionally upset, people cannot remember, attend, learn or make decision clearly. There is inevitably, a cost to the bottom line when someone is emotionally distressed. The ICS™ plan offers you an opportunity to deal with your stress, regardless of the source, in a constructive manner.

HARD-WORK, SELF-DISCIPLINE, AND WILLPOWER. These are the qualities we THINK we need to invoke change. Researchers, however, have discovered that the actual mechanism of change is a through a relationship with a person or group who shows them the way. ICS™ wants to form that relationship with you and your staff.

The ICS™ counselling plan is unique and very personal. Distinct from other E.A.P. (Employee Assistance Plan) plans, ICS™ works with an limited number of local small businesses providing unparallel support and availability to you and your staff when you need it. There is no waiting for several days to meet with a counsellor/coach to help with an immediate difficulty or crisis and when you do meet it is with the same counsellor/coach. It is the availability, consistency, and effectiveness of the counsellor which will be the catalyst needed to invoke change. Over time the association becomes familiar, comfortable, and trusted - the very components necessary to make positive changes. ICS™ provides professional, confidential support on-site or at the ICS™ office location.

When you recognize and make employee well-being an important component to your company success, you are taking a positive, pro-active step in controlling costs.  To learn more about this and find out if it is right for your company, call (705) 706-1533.