When you're in a positive emotional state, you tap into your most amazing abilities and talents."

- Branka B. Moore

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Branka at ICS has been a very valuable tool in self improvement as well as in my relationship. She has given many tools and tips to work through situations and have a more positive outlook and view on life all around. Working with Branka has assisted me in being able to clearly communicate to others which has benefitted all relationships in my life. She provides a very safe and comfortable environment in which to talk openly and express one's self and really aids in working through issues of all types. She also provided very thoughtful and in-depth feedback after most sessions - both personal or couple sessions which is a great reminder or items discussed, any take-away's or "homework", to reflect on at later times. I feel I have a more positive outlook after working with Branka and feel I am better at working through issues not holding onto anger or negativity as much as having an all-around better standard of life.

The first time I talked to Branka was like no other experience I have shared with a therapist or counsellor thus far. She challenged me to redefine myself – my beliefs, thoughts, and perceptions. She helped me to refocus my attention from my past to my present. She helped me to understand the power of my thoughts and to trust in my intuition. She saved me from drowning in self-pity and taught me how to redefine myself at any given moment. This is the first time that I have felt at peace, the first time that I have taken ownership over my life, and the first time that I have come to realize the power of redefining the bad as good. Branka gave me the gift of knowledge that “My life is always within my power to change!” Branka saved me from me! Thank you for being there for me every step of the way!

Branka, I wanted to let you know that my counselling experience with you was different in a great way! You felt more like my coach and cheerleader and it worked much better for me personally. Your listening skills are top notch - you didn't immediately have me categorized and boxed so to speak. This is refreshing, let me tell you, it must be that "imagineering" mind of yours. Keep up the good work, Branka.

I would like you to know that I felt very fortunate (there are no accidents) to find your firm on the internet. The fact that you were able to book an appointment for me so quickly was amazing and much appreciated. It is when we are at our lowest that we need support and guidance, not to be placed on a waiting list. You were there when I needed someone the most. Your kindness, thoughtfulness, and acceptance are what I needed to open up and deal with my demons. I cannot say they are all gone; I do feel like you have searched under my bed and provided me with the tools to deal with them.

Without hesitation, I will recommend you and your firm, in a heartbeat, to anyone who requires guidance and counselling. You are providing a much needed service and I wish you success in your venture.
Angels to me, are part of our everyday lives and are all around us, and sometimes you actually know you have met one. God Bless you for what you've done for me from the bottom of my heart, I thank you.

There are times in life that external input and personal counselling is needed. Luckily for me, Branka Moore of Imagineering Counselling Services was there to provide input, counsel, support, comfort, encouragement, and imaginative ideas. I found Branka to be an excellent and non-judgmental listener who, through her probing questions, creative thoughts and enlightening comments, showed me the means to discover my best way forward. A compassionate counsellor who cares for her clients and, a very effective communicator with an amazing counselling style, Branka also proved to be an outstanding personal coach. Thank you, Branka. I strongly recommend her.

I was reluctant to see a counsellor, but after much urging from my mother, I am really glad that I did and that I met you. You have really helped me to understand how my thinking creates the problems I face. I really, really appreciate how you taught me to become more aware of myself and my thoughts and feelings. I will definitely keep you on my speed dial and make use of the Follow-up Program you made available to me.
Thank you so much for your help Branka.

Thank you for the follow up concerning my daughter. She is well! In fact, she couldn't be better!!! In terms of how things are at her mom's, I really can't say. What I do observe however, is how her attitude towards the whole thing has changed and how it's much more positive. When I ask her, she tells me her mom is going through some tough stuff and "____" is just a jerk and that she's giving them some (mental) space. She's in control! I don't know what you did or what you said but thank you for giving my daughter the skills, strategies and techniques that she's obviously putting into practice! The future is positive for her!!! Thank you.

I don't know how you did it, but you made me feel better almost immediately after talking to you. Thank you for doing what you're doing. The worlds needs more people who want to make a positive difference in people's lives.

Excellent experience speaking with you as you have a very interesting way of understanding things. It makes alot of sense and I want to apply what you've shared with me.

I like the casual approach you take and the way you make me feel - understood. You really do help heal emotions. Thank you.

My overall experience was very good. Branka was able to help me see things in a new perspective. She helped me understand the emotion I was feeling was OK. I am very glad I opened my horizon and was able to experience this. I feel I have opened a new chapter in my life. I am now able to live my everyday life with having a new way of thinking. Thanks again Branka and I will definitely keep in touch!!

I can't believe how much I've changed since I first started working with you. My life feels so different now. Thank you for doing what you are doing. You've really helped me to learn how to live my best life.

I feel as though I've learned a lot about myself and really like what I'm coming to understand about myself. I don't know if I could have gotten here without some help from you. I'm really glad I reached out for help when I did.

This 12 week experience working with you has POSITIVELY changed my life in the moment and for my future. I feel happy thinking about it instead of anxious over it's uncertainty. What a peace of mind I have gained...and you can't put on price on that. Thank you!

"I never really believed in counseling until I met you. After sitting with 3 other counselors and not connecting with any of them, I finally found someone who I wanted to talk to and genuinely wanted to listen to me and what I had to say.  Thank yolu for being there at a  most vulnerable time in my life.  Thanks to you I have learned so much about myself and have grown to be a much stronger person. Your attitude, personality, demeanor and coaching style was exactly what I needed to get my life in order.  When I walked into your office, I had no idea who I was, where I was going or how I was going to get myself out of my funk. I certainly never thought I would ever and truly believe the words, "you are a strong and confident woman". Well, through our sessions, I learned that I did have control over my life and felt empowered to finally do something about it. It saved me. So thank you, thank you, and thank you so much for such a wonderful experience. Thank you  for getting me through that difficult period of time in my life.  I couldn't have done it without you.  I would not hesitate to refer you to my family and friends.  Thank you again."

"After deliberating over whether or not to take the step into therapy, I can honestly say it was one of the best decision I have ever made.  With the support of Branka, my time in therapy allowed me to uncover and deal with many long standing issues, and with time, hard work and commitment to the sessions and outside of the sessions, I have come out the other side barely recognizing the person I was when I started. I felt that Branka truly cared about my progress, and she created a safe enviornment for me to talk and work through the issues I had been experiencing.  Though it was not always easy (at times it was very hard), it has been a very positive experience that I believe will have lasting effects. Thank you Branka, for your time, dedication and especially, patience throughout my journey to positive thinking and confidence.  Thank you again."

"Well, I didn't think it was going to be any different than most counselling sessions I've been to, except it was, I didn't want to walk out and not return. I'm glad I stayed and worked it out.  Thank you and I'd definitely recommend you to anyone dealing with negativity in their life."