When your intentions are positive and you feel joy, you are in a beautiful place to attract and manifest all your heart wants."

- Branka B. Moore

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The Process

In pursuit of your well-being, please feel free to contact me and arrange for a complimentary 15-minute telephone consultation. Take advantage of this no obligation opportunity to find out how Positive Thinking and Life Coaching can change your life. Call 705.706.1533.

Email Support 

Flexible, Client-Driven Appointment Times

ICS™ offers a remote counselling via e-mail service. This is a convenient and affordable alternative to conventional face-to-face counselling.  This service involves an exchange of emails - one from you to me describing your problem or concern; and a reply from me providing you with an analysis, interpretation, commentary and advice, as appropriate.

Remote counselling offers many advantages if distance and time are factors. Whether you are located across the continent or are more local but unable to keep regular appointment times for various reasons - or if you feel more comfortable writing about your problems rather than talking about them - this service could be for you.

For clients with complex difficulties, e-mail counselling might not best suit their needs.  If there is a history of mental health problems e-mail counselling might not be appropriate for you.  Also, if you are considering harming yourself or are suicidal, it would be more appropriate to have regular face-to-face professional support.

Participating in e-mail counselling sessions over the internet with Branka B. Moore is as if you are participating in a counselling session with Branka in her office in the jurisdiction of Ontario, Canada.

The goal of remote counselling is to help you heal and deal with whatever negativity may be adversely affecting your life. With remote counselling you know there will be a support nearby who will join you in the experience with guidance, support, understanding, and without judgment.

Sign up for e-mail counselling with Branka B. Moore and ICS™ today by clicking on the link above (Flexible, Client-Driven Appointment Times) and let the healing begin. 

**Note:  Email counselling services are final - no refunds available.

Telephone Support


CONVENIENCE, ACCESSIBILITY, and ANONYMITY - that's what telephone counselling provides.  Given that every individual is uniquely different, what works for one, may not necessarily work for the other.  It is for this reason ICS™ believes you should have a choice when dealing with a problem. Prepaid telephone support is available when face-to-face sessions are not possible or convenient.

The goal of telephone counselling is to help you. Telephone counselling allows help to come to you and it might be the ideal solution if you are unable to come to the office due to issues of mobility, illness or anxiety.

Prepaid 30-minute telephone sessions are available.
Prepaid 60-minute telephone sessions are also available.

**Call times will be scheduled at time of payment.
NOTE:  Cancellation charges do not apply to Telephone Support calls. Sessions may be rescheduled.


Important, please read!

Client-Counsellor/Coach Consent To Remote Treatment Form

Remote Counselling Treatment Form