Branka-MooreAs a Counsellor, Life Coach and empowerment warrior, I help people learn to think in healthy ways. My focus is on mental and emotional well-being through the development of positive thinking and self-awareness. Read More

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JOIN US, call 705-706-1533 today to reserve your spot for the workshop:  ANXIETY, A Blessing Not a Curse.


Anxiety is NOT a pathology that needs medication. Learn helpful, practical advice to get the most out of your gift.  Join a small group of 6 (six) individuals for 2 hrs. each week for 6 weeks and learn how anxiety symptoms are actually a gift of the nervous system designed to protect us and learn how you can modify the anxiety program that runs in your body to your benefit.  $120.00.



The core element of our counselling and coaching is to remind you of how you are the creator of your reality and to help you tap into your power and creative ability to make the changes you desire.  You can do it, you just don't have to do it alone.  Call Imagineering Counselling Services at 705-706-1533 today.